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NightFlame98 Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Wow! Your pictures are so beautiful and look so realistic, I first thought some of them were photos. *o* You really draw lika a professional artist. I wish I could draw as well as you.
Nat2605 Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2015
Just, wow. I need money. I need you to do meatball.
The-warrior-16 Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
I was wondering if you could a a tutorial on panther bodies I'm having trouble this is just a question
rainbywolf Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Whoa, these look so realistic, it's amazing
Mousekatey Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I know right o-o btw are her/his (i havent checked DX) commissions open?? and how much im gonna save for 100,000 just in ase i mean they must be that much thwey r just BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
TheEletroGuardian Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2015
Your art is wonderfull.
Moonbestia Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2015
Omg. Awesome Gallery. Just great. *___* <3
psychout10 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I honestly dun know how u do this amazing art
I am a dummy! 
HopelessBookRomantic Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2015  Student Writer
I love all the dogs! They're all adorable! You should do a Yorkshire Terrier! (Unfortunately this is just a suggestion, not a commission)
melci92 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2015  Student General Artist
I just love everything you do.
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